At Spring Foundation, we understand the challenges faced by Muslims in the 21st century. Our courses are tailored to be contextual and relevant for Muslims from all backgrounds.


We pride ourselves in being a premier Islamic Psychology & Counselling provider. We work with reputable institutions and organisations. Each course has a specific accreditation.


From doctorates, to qualifications from some of the most prestigious Islamic seminaries in the world, Spring Foundation’s instructors are some of the leading professionals in their respective fields.


Spring Foundation provides diverse courses and services. Whether it be Islamic studies, Islamic counselling, Nikkah services etc, we are the go-to institute for all Muslims.


Spring marks the transition from winter to summer. It is the time when the cold fades away, flowers start to bloom, and everything starts afresh. Spring is a time of growth, prosperity, change and renewal. The word for spring in ‘Arabic is ‘Rabi’ which again denotes a sense of freshness, tranquillity, growth and change.

Just as spring brings about changes to our natural environment, sacred knowledge, acquired through the medium of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, has the potential to bring about tranquillity, freshness and renewal into our hearts, minds and souls….

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Marriage is a sacred institution which serves the common good of the couple, the families and society. Spring conduct Nikah Services to facilitate the solemnisation of this blessed Matrimony as recognised in Islamic law.


Spiritual renewal is an integral part of a Muslim’s life. This is the time for you to be part of a healing, spiritual journey with SF. Our retreats transport you away from the noise and distraction of daily life to the quite and calm of nature and its stillness.

Spring Foundation seeks to educate and empower Muslims with knowledge of their Islamic faith, in a manner which is relevant to the social context of Muslims in the western world. Our Islamic courses aim to revive the educational spirit Islamic tradition.


The Misers only Pay Zakat!?

Infaq, or spending, and the giving of charity in the way of God is mentioned in the Islamic texts frequently, for example: “O you believers! Spend from what We have granted you!” (Surah Baqara verse 254; Surah Munafiqun verse 10).

Many Psychologies

There are many psychologies, many explanations for human behavior. Every personality theory offers an interpretive system, a set of categories, labels and explanations. Each posits some theory of the dynamics of the psyche’s desires, hopes, beliefs and expectations. Most theories attempt to weigh the relative contributions of biology and/or social experience. Norms and ideals set [...]

‘Ilm al-Nafs – Islamic Psychology

Ilm al Nafs – Islamic Psychology The history of ‘modern’ psychology was shaped by Ancient Greek wisdom for many centuries, until the Islamic scholars carried the Greek texts to the great Houses of Wisdom. Here, they developed their own ideas and a new Islamic psychology emerged, which would later influence Europe as it shook off [...]


Calculating and paying Zakat during the Covid-19 Lock-down

Zakat is the obligatory payment made by the haves to the haves not in society. It is different from tax one pays on their income in that Zakat is paid on the net wealth a person owns at their Zakat payment date.

Can I use my Zakat to build a water well?

A: Zakat should be transferred to a person who is Zakat eligible (I,e a poor person whose net wealth falls below the nisab). When it concerns using Zakat to build water wells, ideally this should be avoided because transferring of ownership

Zakat on collectable items

A collectable is any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector. There are numerous types of collectables and terms to denote those types. An antique is a collectable that is old. A curio is a small, usually fascinating or unusual item sought by collectors.

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