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Spring Foundation Vision

Spring marks the transition from winter to summer. It is the time when the cold fades away, flowers start to bloom, and everything starts afresh. Spring is a time of growth, prosperity, change and renewal. The word for spring in ‘Arabic is ‘Rabi’ which again denotes a sense of freshness, tranquility, growth and change. Just as spring brings about changes to our natural environment, sacred knowledge, acquired through the medium of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, has the potential to bring about tranquility, freshness and renewal into our hearts, minds and souls. It is for this reason that the Messenger of Allah (saw), used to supplicate:

 “O Allah, make the Qur’an the spring [light] of my heart (Rabi’a Qalbi).” [Reported by Ahmad & Ibn Hibban on the authority of Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (ra)]

Our vision is to see our future generation of scholars and Islamic practitioners reach their highest potentials in the acquisition of knowledge. We hope see more people become, for example, cardiac surgeons/psychologists etc and at the same time be firmly grounded in the Islamic sciences. In other words, we hope to contribute in the development of a generation who have the potentials to become experts in both religious and secular sciences.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “This world and what is in it are accursed except for the remembrance of Allah, that which Allah loves, a person of knowledge, and the student of knowledge” (Sunan al-Tirmidhi)

The scholars, such as Imam An-Nawawi (rahimahullah), describe seeking knowledge of matters which people can’t do without as Fard Kifayah (communally obligatory). And this includes both the detailed sciences of the din and of the dunya (Al-Majmu’ 1/26).


  • Train and educate clergy, psychologists, professionals and those interested to become Islamic Counsellors.
  • Deliver modules on both the Western Psychology model and Islamic tradition.
  • Deliver courses by qualified instructors in an engaging manner.
  • Spring Foundation will conduct research, develop a framework, develop tools and protocols so that individuals who have an Islamic background can become counsellors, and existing counsellors can become Islamic counsellors.


Dr Alizi Alias – Head of Islamic Psychology

Fatima Begum – Head of administration

Imran Ahmed – Head of Design & marketing

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