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Licensed Islamic Professional Counsellor (LIPC)

The Spring Foundation Islamic Psychology and Counselling postgraduate programme is designed not only for mental health professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and counsellors, but also for Islamic scholars, imams, Muslim clergy, Muslim chaplains, Muslim pastors, any member of the Muslim community who would like to apply Islamic-scientific psychology and counselling in da’wah, tarbiah, and charity activities, as far as the professional Islamic and ethical guidelines allow. The programme aims to provide an overview of Islamic-scientific psychology, an Islamic-scientific evaluation of major perspectives in contemporary psychology, and practical issues in applying Islamic-scientific psychology to counselling, psychotherapy, and other areas of applied psychology.  At Spring Foundation, we recognise that the professionals who may attend the conversion diploma will have a vast array of experiences and awareness on their area of work.  The course will provide an authentic methodology to amalgamate the conventional and Islamic practices which is faithful to both the context, the Islamic tradition, and the objectives (spirit) of Islam.

As the graduates go into their professional work, they will achieve various types of traditional Islamic certification and licensure (ijazah) as qualified and trustworthy professionals, which will be recognised and highly valued by the Muslim community. This will provide the community with confidence and assurance that these qualified professionals will help them to demystify the issue of mental health within the society.

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