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Join Alif Institute for a one-day time management course tailored to maximise a Muslim’s productivity. You will be given an insight on how to effectively and efficiently manage your time. This course aims to emphasise the need for planning, organising, setting goals and responding to day-to-day activities and demands. You will also live a day in your shoes, and analyse the various habits and routines which makes you deficient, subsequently raising your level of awareness.


Feel pressure at work or at school and feel like you are not being able to give time to your loved ones?
At the Muslim Guide to Time Management, you will learn how to prioritise tasks and effectively complete them. We will cover practical tips which you can implement into your daily routine. You will also study the life of the Prophet and deduce lessons relevant to your life.

Deadlines beckoning but you can’t seem to get anything done?
During this one-day course, you will study a variety of causes for procrastination and apply relevant techniques to overcome them, in addition to implementing strategies to assist you in dealing with interruptions.

· Study the different sleeping habits and how you can optimise your sleep to ensure you wake up energised
· Understand the benefits and blessings from staying up after fajr
· Learn how planning your day around the prayer time will optimise your results



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