A graduate of Darul Uloom, Bury, Sheikh Kauther is well known on the classical lecture circuit for his accessible and carefully crafted presentations on Tafseer.

For this and other Islamic sciences, he prefers to engage his audience by upholding the timeless messages and morals of the Holy Qur’an whilst constantly pointing to their modern-day relevance. It is this contemporary approach which, with Allah’s permission, has enabled him to become a mainstay behind the lectern at a number of different UK universities and at learning retreats across the country.

A teacher of Maths, Religious Studies and Arabic at a secondary school, his passion for teaching and inspirational talk has also granted him work as a leader and co-ordinator of tour guides to the many famous holy sites across the Middle East and the Hijaz. He has a knowledge of Fushah Arabic and is haafizul Qur’an: he loves to use blessings such as these to explore the meanings and nuances behind the pearls and precious histories set within Islamic culture, maximising the enjoyment and wonder for other students.

Tafsir, Islamic Sciences, Hifz, History

English, Bengali, Arabic

Graduate of Darul Uloom, Bury

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